to the Quanah Parker Trail, Crosbyton TX

In his book, Sunshine on the Prairie: the Story of Cynthia Ann Parker, Jack Ramsay pens a powerful assessment of the impact of the Parker saga on the Texas Plains conflict between the Native culture and the Anglo settlers when he writes:

Cynthia Ann was destined to become a focal point of the conflict. Her son would be the vortex of the final days of the long and bitter struggle.

Let the Quanah Parker Trail lead you to Crosbyton to find Blanco Canyon, the site of the Battle of Blanco Canyon. Come take a walk into history as you visit the Crosby County Pioneer Memorial Museum in Crosbyton to find information about the battle. View the display on the 4th Cavalry and Colonel Randall Mackenzie. Spend time in the native American wing with its impressive collection of Plains' artifacts. Meet the two epic Americans, Chief Quanah Parker and Colonel Randall Mackenzie, that shaped the battle and the fate of the Quahada Comanche in 1871.

Crosby County Pioneer
Memorial Museum

101 West Main
Crosbyton, Texas 79322

Follow the Quanah Parker Trail courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission's Texas Heritage Trails Program.

Crosby County Map

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